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5 pin male Sanwa / Seimitsu connector to 4.8mm terminals cable Candy / Sanwa / Seimitsu


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Cable to connect a standard joystick with 4.8mm faston terminals to a 5-pin connector like those found in Japanese Candys and Arcade Fightsticks. 

Faston width
  • 4.8mm
  • 6.3mm
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Reviews by Revi

Description - 5 pin male Sanwa / Seimitsu connector to 4.8mm terminals cable Candy / Sanwa / Seimitsu

5-pin male cable compatible with Joysticks that have 4.8mm wide terminal fastons. This cable is used to connect a joystick that has faston terminals to an encoder / encoder or cable that uses a 5-pin connector.

The cable we see here is compatible with Joysticks that have fastons that are 4.8mm wide.

The cable we see in this listing is a cable with 1 x 5-pin male connector on one side and 4 x faston action terminals + 4 x faston ground terminals on the other.

This cable can be used if we have a fighstick or arcade control panel that works through an encoder / encoder that has a cable or 5-pin connector and we want to replace the joystick that comes by default for another that does not have that connector and has faston terminals. A joystick such as those of the IL brand.

These types of 5-pin connectors can also be found on the exotic Japanese Candys like the Astro City. So if you want the joystick of your Candy for one that has classic faston terminals you will have to make use of this cable.


  • Cable length 50cm
  • 5-pin male connector
  • Compatible with 4.8mm faston terminal joysticks
  • Insulated faston connectors with silicone sleeve

Technical Specifications

5-pin male
4 x Fastons (4,8 mm) to 5-pin male connector
5-pin female connector
Cable length

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