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5 Pin JST XH Sanwa / Seimitsu / Zero Delay USB Encoder / Mayflash F300 5 Pin JST Cable


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5-Pin JST XH cable for Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks, compatible with Zero Delay USB encoder and Arcade Sticks Mayflash F300, F500, Madcatz, etc. (Joystick / Zero Delay encoder not included).


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Description - 5 Pin JST XH Sanwa / Seimitsu / Zero Delay USB Encoder / Mayflash F300 5 Pin JST Cable

This JST XH 5-pin cable is used to connect the JLF Sanwa series joysticks, including the JLF-TP-8Y, JLF-TP-8YT and JLF-TP-8S. Just connect the cable to the 5 male pins of the joystick JLF-TP-8YT PCB and start playing! This cable can also be used to connect the joysticks of the Seimitsu 01 series. When connecting the JLF-H cable to a Seimitsu 01 joystick, we must turn the white connector end 180 degrees since the Seimitsu joysticks have the PCB connector the other way around as opposed to the Sanwa joysticks. This 5-pin cable is also compatible with the Hori Hayabusa.

The cable is pink / white and it has 1 x 5-pin connector at each end. This 5-pin cable is approximately 20cm long. It can be connected to both the Zero Delay encoder (all models) and to the interfaces that carry some of the Mandos Arcade Fight Sticks most famous. These include the Mayflash F300, Mayflash F500, Fight Stick Pro, Fight Stick Premium, MadCatz Fightstick and Qanba Fighstick among many others.


  • High compatibility with current Joysticks.
  • Perfect for modding Fight Sticks
  • Compatible with Sanwa JLF / Seimitsu LS / Hori Hayabusa / 5-pin Joysticks
  • Cable length 20cm
  • 5-pin connector

Technical Specifications

5-pin (2,54mm)
White / Pink
Joystick Sanwa / Seimitsu / Zero Delay USB Encoder / Mayflash F300, F500, F500 Elite // Madcatz // Qanba
Cable length

Extra content