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Ultimarc A-PAC Arcade Analog / Digital USB Encoder PC Raspberry Pi


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The A-PAC (Analogue encoder for Pc to Arcade Controls) from Ultimarc. This is an Analogue / Digital USB encoder for PC, Raspberry Pi. 

  • without cables
  • Fastons 2.8mm
  • Fastons 4.8mm
  • Fastons 6.3mm

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Reviews by Revi

Description - Ultimarc A-PAC Arcade Analog / Digital USB Encoder PC Raspberry Pi

With the A-PAC encoder from the brand Ultimarc we can connect up to 32 buttons and 4 analog controllers such as wheels, pedals, flight joysticks, spinners, trackballs and any device that works basically as a potentiometer. The A-PAC board is Plug & Play so we needn't install any drivers in Windows or other operating systems.

The A-PAC is a analog/digital encoder that emulates 2 gamepads. Most systems will recognize it as 2 completely independent gamepads. It can be used for buttons only, or various combinations of buttons and analog potentiometers. The A-PAC function in any of the following configurations:

  1. 32 buttons
  2. One analogue Axis and 30 buttons
  3. Two analogue Axes and 28 buttons
  4. Three analogue Axes and 26 buttons
  5. Four analogue Axes and 24 buttons

The A-PAC encoder from Ultimarc has "Super-fast Full-Speed USB" technology, so as the name implies, there are super fast. When playing you won't notice any LAG thanks to the fact that each key/action button input has its own dedicated connection that goes directly to the board's CPU. This is something vital for competitive retrogamers like us!!!!

This board also allows the conversion from analog to 12 bits digital. An analog conversion of high precision which is not affected by variations in the resistance of the potentiometers of our analog joysticks. This means that in most cases we will not need to calibrate the central position of our analog joysticks. Another feature of this great board is that the action system of the movements uses interruption actuation instead of "polling", this means that we get maximum precision and speed.

The A-PAC automatically detects if the analog controls or buttons are connected. In addition, the (Start1) button also acts as a SHIFT / HOT KEY button, allowing you to duplicate the buttons. This would give you a total of 62 logic gate inputs / buttons. The ideal setup for flight panels in simulators that require a large number of control buttons. Moreover, you can add as many A-PACs as you want in case you need more connections. 

Easy to install, this board has integrated screw terminals for connection that support wiring up to 1.5mm diameter and that will facilitate the installation of arcade buttons, arcade controllers and analog controllers. This PCB has screen-printed all the controller functions for greater visualization and easy configuration.


Instruction Manual


  • Emulates not one but TWO gamepad devices
  • Shift function as the IPAC2
  • Easy connection via screw connectors
  • Inputs are labelled for convenience but are universal
  • Can use 1,2,3 or 4 analog axes, or the directions can be digital,using buttons
  • All button inputs are fully de bounced with individual state counters for maximum key roll-over performance
  • Logical board layout with one gamepad device on each side of the board
  • Super-fast Full-Speed USB technology
  • 12-Bit analog to digital conversion
  • Precision analog conversion is immune to variations in pot resistance
  • Uses interrupt triggering rather than polling for maximum accuracy and speed
  • As well as using analog joysticks, any other pot devices can be used such as pedals, steering wheels etc
  • As many boards as required can be added for more devices. Perfect for large flight-sim panels
  • Shift function adds extra buttons. Also ideal for flight-sim panels which require a large number of control-type buttons
  • No drivers needed. Windows recognizes two gamepads, Device #1 and#2

Technical Specifications

32 in total
Windows / Linux / MAC
104 x 49mm
No. of players

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