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Pico Fighting Board V2 (PC / Nintendo Switch / PS3 / PS4)


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Pico Fighting Board, Raspberry Pico based encoder compatible with PC, MiSTer FPGA, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (legacy mode). This encoder is compatible with Brook's Fighting Board wiring.

  • without cables
  • Fastons 2.8mm

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Reviews by Revi

Description - Pico Fighting Board V2 (PC / Nintendo Switch / PS3 / PS4)

The PBFB is intentionally designed with the same dimensions and connector placement as popular Brook Fighting Boards and the Akishop PS360+. This ensures a seamless integration into Fight Sticks, Hitboxes and systems commonly used in the FGC, following the standard wiring and connections adopted over the past decade. All connectors are JST PH, except for the 20-pin header that utilizes a dual-row, 2.54mm pitch, male pin connector. Additionally, there's a JST XH connector behind the USB-B plug for an alternative USB cable connection point. The board incorporates numerous vias to minimize ground plane impedance between the top and bottom layers.

The PBFB is powered by the impressive GP2040-CE Open Source Firmware, overseen by @TheTrain. For up-to-date firmware details, usage, and changes, visit https://gp2040-ce.info/. The site is regularly updated, so I recommend checking it yourself as any information here may become outdated within hours.

Key features

  • Firmware support for PC, MiSTer, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 legacy mode.
  • An excellent Web Configurator allows tweaking settings, assigning pins, and more.
  • Support for indexable RGB LEDs through a dedicated connector on the PBFB.
  • Less than 1 ms LAG.


  • For PS4 support, you need to use DS4 keys or a compatible USB dongle like MayFlash MagicBoots v1.1 or PXN N5. 
  • No native PS5 support; use the mentioned dongle for legacy PS4 controllers in games like Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 11, etc. 
  • Xbox consoles can't be controlled natively. MayFlash Magicboots 360 and Series USB converters won't work. 
  • RP2040 Advanced Breakout Board and GP2040-CE firmware aren't compatible with Brook UP5 for PS5. 
  • Due to the open-source nature, GP2040-CE firmware evolves; limited support from Arcade Express, recommend reaching out to Open Stick community Discord for troubleshooting. Check official documentation at https://gp2040-ce.info/. If uncomfortable with open-source or DIY, consider Brook solutions.


Brook's cables are 100% compatible with the Pico Fighting Board. You can find Arcade Express' selection of cables in the following links:


  1. If using Turbo, you will need to set the pins for the Turbo Button and the Turbo LED.
  2. If using RGB LEDs, you will need to verify the RGB Data pin setting.
  3. If using an OLED screen, you will need to verify the SDA/SCL pin settings.


  1. HOLD THE START BUTTON and PLUG YOUR PCB into the computer.
  2. Click this link to open the WebUI for your PCB:


  • Standard wiring options through screw terminals or a 20-pin header (compatible with Brook)
  • 4-pin header for TP/LS/RS buttons (compatible with Brook)
  • 5-pin header for LEDs (compatible with Brook)
  • Selectable input modes: XInput, DirectInput, Nintendo Switch
  • Supported platforms: PC, Raspberry Pi, MiSTer, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4 (legacy controller support)
  • Default polling rate of 1000 Hz / 1 ms in all input modes
  • Input latency of less than 1 ms
  • Left/Right stick emulation via D-pad inputs
  • Removes the 8 minute timeout from PS4
  • SOCD Cleaner
  • Turbo Support
  • USB Firmware Upgrade
  • PS4 Touchpad Simulator

Technical Specifications

PC, Raspberry Pi, MiSTer, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4 (legacy controller support)
96 x 45mm
USB 2.0 B

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