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Tension silicone rubber grommet for Crown 300 series joysticks


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Rubber grommet of different tensions for Samducksa Crown 300 series joysticks.

  • ST-15 Low tension
  • ST-20 Low Tension
  • ST-25 Low Tension
  • ST-30 Medium Tension
  • ST-35 Medium Tension
  • ST-45 High Tension

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Reviews by Revi

Description - Tension silicone rubber grommet for Crown 300 series joysticks

For Seimitsu, Sanwa Denshi and Hori joysticks, springs of different tension are used to modify the joystick's tension. On the other hand, Korean Crown joysticks use high-density grommets made of silicone rubber. The most common grommet type is HST35, where a higher number (ST...) indicates higher resistance or tension.

Below is a guide listing the different types of grommets, silicone rubbers and bobbins used in recent Samducksa Crown models by manufacturer. This information is useful if you are looking to purchase the right grommet or bobbin for a specific model.


  • Official Samducksa Crown product
  • Ideal for joystick modding
  • Grommets of all tensions
  • Made from high quality silicone rubber
  • Compatible with 300 Crown joystick models
  • Easy to install

Technical Specifications

White / Grey / Red / Blue / Yellow / Violet
Joysticks Crown serie 300
Silicone rubber

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