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Sanwa JLF SP B Tension spring (1.5 / 1.5)


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Spring tension Sanwa JLF SP B. Tension at the starting point of joystick tilt 1.5 inches and tension at the end point of joystick tilt 1.5 inches. The perfect accessory for modding our Sanwa joystick model JLF / JLX and Hori Hayabusa.


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Description - Sanwa JLF SP B Tension spring (1.5 / 1.5)

The Sanwa JLF-SP-B tension spring for the Sanwa JLF / JLX joystick and the Hori Hayabusa joystick is an original Sanwa brand replacement spring that replaces the standard 0.9lb (400gr) spring for these joysticks. Some customers complain that the tension on these 2 joysticks is too soft. These replacement springs provide a stiffer feel when using the joystick as we will have to apply more tension when operating the joystick.

The Sanwa JLF-SP-B Tension Spring has been developed to modify the tension loads in two specific areas: the initial phase of the joystick tilt and the final phase of the tilt. It should be noted that, with the exception of the red spring, the tension increases as the movement towards the cardinal direction is completed. This particular spring is characterized by an "initial tension" load of 1.5 inches and an "end tension" load of 1.5 inches.


  • Sanwa JLF / JLX-TP-8YT
  • Sanwa JLF / JLX-TP-8Y-SK
  • Sanwa JLFD-TP-8YT
  • Sanwa JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK
  • JLF / JLX-TP-8S-SK
  • Hori Hayabasa


  • Official Sanwa product
  • Ideal for joystick modification
  • Stiffer feel to Sanwa JLF joystick
  • Easy installation

Technical Specifications

Joystick Sanwa JLF / JLX / Hori Hayabusa
Stainless steel

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