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Sanwa JLF P-B Actuator 16.45mm


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Oversized nylon actuator for modding our Sanwa JLF / JLX and Hori Hayabusa joysticks. Official Sanwa product, model JLF P-B with a base width of 16.45mm.


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Description - Sanwa JLF P-B Actuator 16.45mm

With the Nylon Oversize actuators we can mod our Sanwa JLF and Hori Hayabusa joysticks replacing the original stock actuator. With this modification  our joystick will have a shorter throw and at the same time it will have a faster attack / actuation and diagonals. This modification will not modify the original neutral zone of the joystick. The neutral zone is the area that allows the joystick to return correctly to the center before executing the next movement.

The Sanwa JLF P-B actuator measures 16.45 mm wide at the base, about 0.65 mm wider than the default Sanwa actuator, which measures 15.8 mm.

The Oversize Nylon actuator has been tested on both stock restrictors that come with the Sanwa JLF joysticks and the octagonal restrictor, achieving excellent results. These actuators are made of Nylon, a very light material, allowing the actuator to activate the joystick microswitches consistently.


  • Sanwa JLF / JLX-TP-8YT Joystick
  • Sanwa JLF / JLX-TP-8Y-SK Joystick 
  • Sanwa JLFD-TP-8YT 
  • Sanwa JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK 
  • JLF / JLX-TP-8S-SK


  • Sanwa oficial product
  • Manufactured in Nylon
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Tested with various restrictors
  • Reduces joystick travel
  • Faster attack and diagonals

Technical Specifications

Sanwa JLF / JLX / Hori Hayabusa

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