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Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Gate for JLF / JLX Joystick


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Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal restrictor for Sanwa joysticks. The ideal accessory for fighting games.


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Reviews by Revi

Description - Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Gate for JLF / JLX Joystick

The ultimate accessory for fighting games fans. The best at games such as Street Fighter 2, KOF 98, Mortal Kombat, The Last Blade, etc.

Thanks to its octagonal shape, with this restrictor you'll be able to perform Hadokens, Shoryukens and circular movements of 180 º / 360 º with little to no effort making the movement of the joystick feel 100% natural.

The difference in performance between the standard restrictor on the JLF joysticks and the Sanwa GT-Y octagonal restrictor is simply overwhelming. The feeling of playing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is the ultimate upgrade, you'll be literally unbeatable! 

Compatible with the following joystick models:

  • JLF-TP-8YT(-SK)
  • JLF-TP-8Y(-SK)
  • JLF-TP-8S(-SK)
  • JLF-TM-8(-SK)
  • JLX-TP-8YT(-SK)
  • JLX-TP-8Y(-SK)
  • JLX-TP-8S(-SK)
  • JLX-TM-8(-SK)

The GT-Y gate is NOT compatible with the Sanwa JLW series joysticks.


  • 360º octagonal movement
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all JLF / JLX joysticks
  • Ideal for figting games

Technical Specifications

Transparent / Gold
Joystick Sanwa JLF / JLX
Joystick Restrictor Ways
8 (Octogonal)

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