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Medium universal adapter mounting plate for joysticks


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Mount a Sanwa, Zippy or Seimitsu joystick on a control panel designed for a Suzo Happ / Indsutrias Lorenzo (IL) joystick.


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Reviews by Revi

Description - Medium universal adapter mounting plate for joysticks

With the medium universal adapter plate we can mount Sanwa, Zippy, Seimitsu, Qanba, Ultimarc and similar joysticks on control panels and fightsticks with holes prepared for European or American joysticks such as Suzo Happ, Industrias Lorenzo and others.

The medium universal adapter plate is a black lacquered reinforced aluminum plate that has been manufactured by Arcade Express to mount on most of today's most popular joysticks. This plate allows all compatible joysticks to be mounted with their respective brackets.

Rather than trying to accommodate non-standard panels and much older joysticks, the hole layout of the converter plate makes the mounting process very simple for most joysticks and panels available today.

The mounting holes of the medium universal adapter plate feature unique milled edges, allowing the tapered head screws to be installed completely flush with the plate. This creates a smooth, even surface for easy presentation and mounting, increasing its compatibility with many US, European and Japanese control panels.

The size of the holes in the medium universal adapter plate have been sized so that there is no need to file the edges of a Zippy joystick plate for example, to fit into the IL screw holes or add washers to install a Sanwa JLF into an IL/Happ mounting point. We simply replace the top plate of our JLF / JLW, Seimitsu or Zippy Joysticks and we can easily mount control panels with different sizes.

How does it work?

The medium universal adapter plate is installed to the specified joysticks using the standard mounting holes provided with that joystick. This replaces the standard mounting plates that come with these joysticks and allows you to mount your favorite joystick on your favorite Arcade Stick or arcade cabinet.


  • The arcade control panel must be compatible with the board, rather than the joystick.
  • The joystick you wish to install must fit the board.
  • The control panel must have the correct thickness for the height of the joystick.


  • Joystick mounts for Suzo Happ / Industrias Lorenzo (IL) and smaller joysticks
  • Easily use a Sanwa, Zippy or Seimitsu joystick on a control panel designed for a Suzo Happ / Industrias Lorenzo (IL) joystick.
  • Aluminum adapter plate with black lacquer coating
  • Adapts many joystick types to various mounting hole arrangements
  • Versatile solution for mounting multiple joysticks
  • Drilled holes with milled edges for flush installation of tapered head screws
  • Compatible with multiple joysticks (check compatibility)

Technical Specifications

Black lacquer coating
Sanwa / Seimitsu / Zippy / Qnba Similar
Hardened aluminum
95 x 85mm

Extra content