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QanBa Octagonal Restrictor Gate for Joystick QanBa / Sanwa JLF / JLX


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Octogonal QanBa restrictor. Compatible with Joysticks Sanwa JLF / JLX and Qanba QB-J-OV2 / QB-J-OV3.


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Description - QanBa Octagonal Restrictor Gate for Joystick QanBa / Sanwa JLF / JLX

When we play Street Fighter, Tekken or fighting games in general with a square restrictor we run into a problem: The main problem is that making a circular move through a square gate is not intuitive. That's where the circular and octagonal restrictors come in.

The Qanba octagonal restrictor is a high quality product manufactured in one piece which allows greater stability to the joystick when executing our moves. Unlike Sanwa restrictors, which are manufactured in 2 pieces and can cause vibrations, less stability or even be damaged when assembling and disassembling the restrictor from the joystick base. QanBa brand is one of the most respected names in the world of Arcade Sticks and Fightsticks.

Most joysticks on the market come with a square type restrictor installed, which is fine, but not optimal, especially if our intention is to play fighting games such as The King of Fighters and similar. Thanks to its octagonal shape, this restrictor makes it easier for us to execute our moves when performing combos in fighting games. Once installed, we'll execute our Hadokens, Shoryukens and 180 ° / 360 ° circular moves with little to no effort at all. Our joysticks moves will feel 100% natural.

The Qanba octagonal restrictor is very similar to the popular Sanwa GT-Y octagonal restrictor. This restrictor is compatible with most Sanwa JLF joysticks .

This restrictor is super easy to install. Simply unhook the existing restrictor from the joystick base, take the new restrictor, align it with the lugs on the joystick base and push until it clicks into place.

Enjoy greater stability and precision when playing Street Fighter thanks to its sleek and clean 1-piece design!


QanBa V2 / V3 Joystick









  • Quality QanBa product
  • Compatible with most Sanwa JLF series joysticks
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect 8-way execution
  • Octagonal design
  • Improves performance in fighting games
  • Cheaper than Sanwa GT-Y restrictor

Technical Specifications

Joystick Sanwa JLF / JLX / Qanba
Joystick Restrictor Ways
8 (Octogonal)

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