End of Stroke Switch Leaf for Pinball Button Williams Normally Open


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Bally / Williams brand Gold-contact End of Stroke Switch Normally Open for Pinball button. Williams/Bally SW-1A-193 SW-1A-194


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Description - End of Stroke Switch Leaf for Pinball Button Williams Normally Open

Most flippers in pinball machines have an “end of stroke” (EOS) switch for each flipper. This switch is located under the playfield near the flipper coil, and it is physically activated by the flipper mechanism once it has rotated fully into the “up” position. The EOS system is employed on certain solenoids such as score reels and some pop bumpers. It can also be used for your left and right flipper buttons instead of using a standard microswitch

Williams/Bally SW-1A-193 SW-1A-194 Direct Contact Leaf Microswitches are imported directly from the USA. They are compatible with original Stern, Bally and Williams Pinballs. In addition, they are of high quality as they have gold-plated contacts that allow a better conductivity and that offers a super sensitive, precise and fast contact that adapts to many functionalities of the Pinball machine.

The original Pinball buttons of the left and right flipper don't usually have micro-switches mounted but Leaf Switches These provide a completely different feeling to that of an arcade button and a very different type of response when actuated. For starters, you won't feel the clicky sound of the microswitch when pushing the button. In addition, we can adjust when we want the leaf to actuate with the button. We can adjust the Leaf of the switch so that the button has to be pressed all the way down for it to respond or, on the contrary, so that it responds immediately by adjusting the Leaf closer to the button itself. On the downside we could say that leaf switches require some maintenance as the leaf itself can get out of adjustment over time. This is not the case with microswitches used in arcade buttons.


  • Imported from the USA
  • Compatible with original Stern, Bally / Williams Pinballs
  • Premium brand quality
  • Super sensitive and fast Switch Leaf
  • Gold plated contact
  • Tungsten contacts
  • Fits many applications
  • Compatible with our Pinball buttons

Technical Specifications

Stern, Williams / Bally, others
End of Stroke Switch Leaf
Button type

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