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List of products by brand Williams Bally

The brands Bally Midway and Williams are, together with Gottlieb, the most recognized Pinball Machine manufacturers worldwide.

Both brands are American and date back to the year 1943 in the case of Williams and 1958 in the case of Bally Midway. Both brands go way back in the history arcades and pinball cabinets.

Although Williams was initially a manufacturer of pinball machines. In 1964 it was acquired by jukebox manufacturer Seeburg Corp. and renamed Williams Electronics Manufacturing Division. In 1973, the company branched into the coin-op arcade video game market with its Pong clone called Paddle Ball, eventually creating a series of video game classics, including Defender and Robotron: 2084.

The Bally/Midway division purchased in 1988 the arcade company, Williams Electronics Games while it was its corporation WMS Industries Inc. WMS obtained the rights from Bally to use the "Bally" brand name for its machine games until Bally obtained full permissions from the arcade/ arcade machine industries to concentrate on casinos and arcade machines.