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"Red Board" Motion sensor for Suzo Happ Trackballs


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"Red Board" Motion sensor for Suzo Happ trackballs. Model: A052-1011-00 


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Description - "Red Board" Motion sensor for Suzo Happ Trackballs

The "Red Board" printed circuit board (PCB), part number A052-1011-00 is a replacement board specifically designed for SuzoHapp trackballs. It offers improved circuitry to ensure an optimized performance signal, regardless of whether the trackball is operating at low or high RPM speeds. Thanks to the "Red Board" PCB we won't have any backspin problems in games such as Golden Tee. These problems appeared in the green PCB, the first version of this board.

One of the notable features of the "Red Board" is its use of surface mount technology (SMT) for the optic board. SMT allows for smaller and more precise components to be mounted directly onto the PCB's surface, enhancing the reliability and performance of the trackball. This technology also enables better control over the manufacturing process, resulting in more consistent quality.

The "Red Board" incorporates superior optics, which further enhances its reliability and performance. The use of high-quality optical components ensures accurate tracking and responsiveness, providing a smooth and precise user experience. These superior optics contribute to the overall durability and longevity of the trackball.

Additionally, the A052-1011-00 "Red Board" serves as a replacement for the original A052-1010-00 Green design board. This means that you can upgrade your SuzoHapp trackball by replacing the older Green board with the newer and improved Red board. This replacement enables you to benefit from the enhanced circuitry, surface mount technology, and superior optics, resulting in improved performance and reliability.

In summary, the "Red Board" PCB for SuzoHapp trackballs, with part number A052-1011-00, offers improved circuitry for optimized performance at both low and high RPM speeds. It utilizes surface mount technology and superior optics to increase reliability and overall performance. By replacing the original Green design board, the "Red Board" allows for an upgrade that enhances the trackball's functionality and longevity and prevents backspin issues in games such as Golden Tee.


  • High quality Suzo Happ product
  • Faster response time 
  • Avoids Backspin trackball problems in Golden Tee and similar
  • Improved circuitry for optimized performance at low and high RPM speeds
  • Optic board utilizes surface mount technology and superior optics
  • Increased reliability and performance
  • Replaces the original A052-1010-00 Green design board

Technical Specifications

Connector A
4 pin Molex
Suzo Happ Trackballs
4.40 x 3.18 x 1.91 cm

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