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MEGA Supergun V3 Arcade Jamma USB Neo Geo CPS2 SNK


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Supergun to connect your Arcade Jamma boards directly to a TV with YCbCr/RGBS Megadrive 2/Supervideo/Composite Video output and with 2 inputs for Neo Geo controllers or DB15 controllers and 2 inputs for USB controllers.

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Reviews by Revi

Description - MEGA Supergun V3 Arcade Jamma USB Neo Geo CPS2 SNK

We could say that the MEGA Supergun V3 Arcade Jamma Neo Geo CPs2 SNK is a premium version of our other Supergun Arcade Jamma board. This PCB is destined to delight the most demanding lovers of the original Jamma boards . A product that will make the most purist gamers will be delighted to experience the feeling of veracity that gives play on an original Jamma board with this board and the advantages and extras that it offers.

With this great Supergun you can connect your favorite arcade boards directly to any CRT TV or professional video monitor thanks to the number of video outputs it offers. The Ultra Supergun Arcade Jamma Neo Geo CPs2 SNK has video output to YCbCr, RGBS Megadrive 2, Supervideo and Composite Video. A very interesting product by the way, for users who live in the American or Asian continent and do not have a Euroconnector input on their TVs.

With this Supergun you can connect virtually all Jamma boards on the market thanks to its high compatibility: standard Jamma boards, MVS SNK NEO GEO boards, Pandora's Box, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, Atomiswave, PGM, PGM2, Namco System, Sega System and many more ... and with up to 6 buttons per player to make the most of all the games on Jamma boards that require more action buttons. Boards like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II, Tekken, Garou Mark of the Wolves, etc.

Our Ultra Supergun Arcade Jamma Jamma Neo Geo CPs2 SNK board is compatible with 15 pin NEO GEO type controllers and with any USB controller. In addition of course to the JAMMA connector with which you can enjoy up to 6 action buttons per player.

The Supergun has 1 button to enter the TEST mode of the board, a switch to switch from TV to RCA mode and an audio amplifier that brings the option to switch between Stereo and Mono sound output.

To power the board you will need to purchase a power supply that outputs at least 12 Volts and 5 Amps, as it is not included with this item.


  • Compatibility: standard Jamma boards, MVS SNK NEO GEO, Pandora's Box, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, Atomiswave, PGM, PGM2, Namco System, Sega System...
  • Video output YCbCr/RGBS Megadrive 2/Supervideo/Composite Video
  • 12V 5A connector to power board (not included)
  • Stereo / Mono audio amplifier
  • Up to 6 buttons per player
  • Compatible with NEO GEO D15P Joysticks and Sega Saturn Controllers
  • TEST button
  • Brightness setting switch
  • On/Off button

Technical Specifications

12V / 5A power supply
SCART/RGBs/Super Video/YCbCr/Sega Saturn RGB

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