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SJ@JX LED 1 Player Arcade USB Encoder / Nintendo Switch / PS3 / Android / Raspberry Pi


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1 Player LED USB Arcade encoder compatible with PC / Nintendo Switch / PS3 / Android / Raspberry Pi / XBOX 360 for PC. This board can also be used to illuminate our LED buttons thanks to its 3-pin connectors. This encoder has a total of 12 action buttons for 1 player. Moreover, this encoder has the PS3 Home button.

  • Fastons 2.8mm
  • Fastons 4.8mm
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Reviews by Revi

Description - SJ@JX LED 1 Player Arcade USB Encoder / Nintendo Switch / PS3 / Android / Raspberry Pi

The SJ@JX 5 in 1 LED encoder provides 5+ volts to your LED push buttons and allows you 12 connections in total. This encoder also has 4 connections for the directions of the joystick plus, an additional 5-pin port for connecting Sanwa and Seimitsu type joysticks.

This encoder is Plug & Play and 100% compatible with all versions of Windows starting with XP. It is also compatible with the Nintendo Switch, PS1, PS2, PS3 consoles, all versions of Raspberry Pi, Android, Linux and Windows XBOX 360. 

The encoder includes all the necessary cables to connect the GND, positive and 5V+ to your LED push buttons. You don't need anything else besides the encoder and the wiring that comes with it. The cables are available with 6.3mm fastons for the LEDs and, or 2.8mm / 4.8mm for the action push buttons.

Three of the most interesting features of this encoder is that we also have the option of using turbo and auto mode, options that will come in handy in shoot em ups type games. In addition, unlike most encoders, this one has the HOME button giving us full compatibility with the Playstation 3.

The SJ@JX 5 in 1 LED encoder is super easy to install. Just connect your joystick and arcade buttons to the cable set and connect them to the encoder. Then, connect the USB encoder directly to your Nintendo SwitchPC, Raspberry Pi or PS3 and it will detect it as a gamepad without the need to install drivers. You LED pushbuttons will light up like a Christmas tree! 


  • 1 player iluminated LED encoder 
  • HOME button
  • 12 action buttons + joystick directions
  • 5V+ LED connections for 12 buttons
  • 5-pin port for Japanese joysticks type Sanwa / Seimitsu
  • Supports Raspberry Pi / PC / PS1, SP2, PS3 / Nintendo Switch / Android / XBOX 360 Windows
  • 2.8mm / 4.8mm faston terminal connectors
  • Plug & Play

Technical Specifications

12 action buttons + directions
PC / Nintendo Switch / PS3 / Android / Raspberry Pi / XBOX 360 para PC
80 x 30 x 8mm
Turbo Fire
2.8mm / 4.8mm / 6.3mm

Extra content