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2 x 6.3mm male to 4.8mm female conversion adapter cable


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2 x 6.3mm female to 4.8mm male conversion adapter cables. 1 cable for ground and another cable for action. A simple solution that allows you to attach a joystick or pushbutton with a 4.8mm microswitch to a smaller 6.3mm connector.


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Reviews by Revi

Description - 2 x 6.3mm male to 4.8mm female conversion adapter cable

This product is a set of 2 x adapter cables that converts a 6.3mm male faston connector to a 4.8mm female faston connector, specially designed for using with joysticks, buttons and arcade sticks, also known as Fightsticks.

Each of the adapter cables included in this set consists of two wires, one for ground and one for action. One end of the cable has a 6.3mm male faston terminal and the other end of the cable has a 4.8mm female faston terminal protected by a silicone cover. These cables allow the connection of a joystick or pushbutton using a 4.8mm microswitch with a cable carrying a bigger 6.3mm connector. This simple and practical solution facilitates the adaptation of different game control components on arcade systems and Fightsticks, providing greater flexibility and customization capabilities to gamers.

As a practical example we could use these adapter cables to mount joysticks or buttons with 4.8mm microswitches on an original Arcade Machine that has installed a Jamma wiring with 6.3mm fastons, which used to be normal in the 80s and 90s. This way the user would not have to change the wiring, or have to solder and unsolder.

In short, this set of adapter cables is an essential accessory for those who wish to customize their gaming experience on arcade systems and Fightsticks, allowing them to mod and connect different types of joysticks and pushbuttons to their gaming devices without having to worry about compatibility limitations between different types of connectors.


  • Convert 6.3mm male connector to 4.8mm female connector
  • Designed for joysticks, buttons and arcade sticks (Fightsticks)
  • Each cable has two wires: ground and action
  • Faston with silicone sleeve
  • Facilitates adaptation of arcade components
  • Provides flexibility and customization
  • Allows connecting different types of joysticks and pushbuttons without compatibility limitations

Technical Specifications

Connector A
male 6.3mm
Connector B
female 4.8mm
Cable length
Faston Type

Extra content