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Start / Select / Pause / Exit / Coin illuminated LED Arcade Button


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Illuminated LED Arcade buttons with chrome and transparent crowns / trims in various designs: Start, Select, Pause, Coin and Exit.

  • Brilliant Chrome
  • Transparent
  • Start
  • Select
  • Pause
  • Coin
  • Exit

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Description - Start / Select / Pause / Exit / Coin illuminated LED Arcade Button

With these LED illuminated push buttons with different designs you can add the extra push buttons that were missing in your will sure help you complete your Arcade cabinet/ Bartop / Pinball project.

These LED buttons come with 2 types of trim: chrome and translucent. In addition, you will have 5 different designs in each button: Start, Pause, Exit, Select and Coin. 

The LED illuminated buttons with 5 different designs look amazing! They will provide your arcade project with more configuration options as these buttons can be use as alternative actions. You could use them in case you want to add console emulators such as the Super Nintendo, Megadrive, etc. by including Pause and Select buttons, functions not normally used in standard Arcade games.

With a 24mm diameter and an approximate length of 35mm, the pushbutton can be installed on both metal and wooden panels quickly and easily thanks to the Nut Thread Washer system. This push button can be installed in holes ranging from 24mm to 28mm in diameter.

The LED is compatible with both 5V and 12V. In case the LED stops working, you can easily replace it. At our store you can find loose LED lamps that will serve as replacements.

In order to light up the pushbutton, you will need a 5V or 12V power source. We recommend that you either directly get it from the Arcade Machine power supply or from one of the 5V pins on the Xin Mo interface, or the specific Zero Delay LED encoders to light up the LEDs. These Zero Delays are available for 1 or 2 players which are also available at our store. 

Mounting Information

To install the LED Arcade push button, you'll need 4.8mm wiring as that is the width of the button action terminals and 6.3mm LED wiring as that is the width of the LED fastons. If you purchase one our interfaces, be sure to select the option with 6.8mm wide terminals wire. You can also purchase extra 6.3mm cables for the Zero Delay LED or the Xin Mo from the links below: Zero Delay / Xin Mo.


  • Microswitch and LEDs included
  • Translucent / Chrome trims
  • 5 different designs
  • 4.8mm Microwitches
  • For 24mm-28mm diameter holes
  • Length 35mm
  • Metal / wood panels
  • 5V / 12V voltage compatibility
  • Easy installation

Technical Specifications

Panel type
Metal / Wood
Button type
5V / 12V

Specific References


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