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American Concave Arcade Button 28mm


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The buttom that we found in all the pool halls in the neighborhood is the  classic arcade machine button. It has  a elegant and simple design with concave push button finish. With a diameter of 28mm and Microswitch included.

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  • White
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Violet
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Description - American Concave Arcade Button 28mm

This is one of the indispensable elements when setting up an Arcade Control Panel, an Arcade Cabinet or a Bartop: The mighty pushbutton: The magical element that we love pushing, pressing and crushing...

The American concave type buttons with an excellent quality available at Arcade Express are the classic buttons we would find at Arcade Game Rooms. The standard buttons that were used in Europe and America and that are very different from the ones used in Japan. 

When we push these buttons we will hear the "click" sound. A sound that is very characteristic for all of us who loved spending the afternoon at the bar playing Golden Axe, Ghosts 'n Goblins and many others.

Thanks to its 62mm length, the American push button is suitable for installation on both metal and wooden control panels. With a concave profile and a soft-medium hardness microswitch, the button has a diameter of 28mm and is easy to install thanks to the screwbutton nut included.

The feel and quality of this push button can be substantially improved if you also buy the 4.8mm wide Zippy Microswitches. These micros are of an amazing quality and will make these pushbuttons ascend to the heaven of Arcade Pushbuttons, making them super smooth and precise while playing. At Arcade Express, we recommend this modification.

This American push button model is available in the following colours: black, white, blue, yellow, green, red and orange.

Mounting Information

To install the long Concave American Arcade push Button, you'll need 4.8mm wiring as that is the width of the button terminals. If you purchase one of the encoders we sell at Arcade Express, be sure to select the option with 4.8mm wide terminals. You can also purchase extra 4.8mm wiring for the Zero Delay or the Xin Mo from the links below: Zero Delay / Xin Mo.


  • American concave type push button
  • Microswitch and screwbutton nut included
  • 28mm diameter
  • 62mm in length
  • Suitable for wood and metal panels

Technical Specifications

Black / Red / Blue / Green / Yellow / White / Orange
Panel type
Wood / Metal
Button type

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