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Brook Wireless Fighting Board (PS3 / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC)


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Wireless USB Arcade Encoder Brook Wireless Fighting Board compatible with PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. This encoder is a wireless controlled board that works via a small antenna cable which synchronizes with consoles or PC.


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Reviews by Revi

Description - Brook Wireless Fighting Board (PS3 / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC)

The most prominent feature of the Brook Wireless PS3/PS4/Switch encoder is that it is a wireless controlled board. The wireless configuration is achieved through a small antenna cable that synchronizes with the PS3, PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. Likewise, this encoder also works wired (USB Type A to B cable) in case we cannot make use of a wireless connection.

The Brook Wireless PS3/PS4/Switch encoder contains almost all the features offered by the Brook PS4+ Fighting Board with Audio (PS4/PS3/PC). We could say that it is the same board with the difference that the Brook Wireless PS3/PS4/Switch has wireless control. Also, this board is very similar to the Brook Universal Fighting encoder as it retains many of the original connectors and headers.

Another feature found on this board and shared with its sibling, the Brook PS4 + Audio Fighting Board encoder, is the small breakout / pass-through board, which supports PS4 console audio through a headphone jack (note: only compatible with PS4 audio). A sensational way to add functionality that many current Fightsticks lack.

The Brook Wireless PS3/PS4/Switch supports the connection of up to 2 analog sticks. It can manage up to 4 LEDs to distinguish controllers 1, 2, 3 and 4 and a LED for the Turbo button power on. Through the J6 connector integrated on the PCB, we can include an optional Touch Pad compatible with the PS4 and which also acts as a button (touch pad, touch pad button).

The Brook Wireless PS3/PS4/Switch encoder also has a connector (J12) that allows us to map our joystick in DP/LS/RS modes:

DP = D-Pad, LS = Left Stick, RS = Right Stick. Generally it is better to keep it as DP, but some games only accept LS.

To connect our buttons and joysticks we there are screw terminals to facilitate solderless connections and we also have a 20 pin connector compatible with the Brook Fighting Board Cable 20 pin Joystick Harness Joystick Buttons 2.8mm.

This board has SOCD Cleaner. This eliminates Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions, so the controller cannot register multiple directions at the same time. This is an important feature for gamers playing on a HitBox, as they will benefit from this utility. The SOCD cleaner is standard but a second SOCD mode is available via the J15 pin connector. We can use a jumper or single pin switch to activate it. Warning: The second SOCD mode, is not the standard one used in tournaments so it may result in a ban if used.

One of the top characteristics of the Brook brand encoders, apart from its great compatibility, is that it is one of the existing encoders on the market with less LAG. Only 1.8ms of lag.

The firmware of the Brook Wireless PS3/PS4/Switch encoder can be updated through the USB connection of the board in a very simple way. It is important to check if updates are available frequently as they add new features and upgrades to our Brook boards.

Mounting the antenna

We can either attach our antenna cable to the outside of our Fight Stick or Arcade Control Panel or drill a 6.35 mm (.25") diameter hole. The antenna washer is installed behind the hole, and the nut is installed in front.


  • PS4 / PS3 / Nintendo Switch / PC (X-Input) Compatibility.
  • LAG 1.8ms
  • 3DVR compatibility
  • Wireless / Wired support
  • 3.5mm audio connector support (PS4)
  • Support for two SOCD modes
  • Touchpad support (PS4)
  • Turbo function support
  • Screw terminal for solderless connections
  • No need to reset 8 minute timeout
  • Easy installation
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Support 2 x analog sticks
  • Tournament mode support

Technical Specifications

USB 2.0 B
PS3 / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / PC
96 x 45mm

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