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Arcade Ultimate VGA to SCART 15.7Khz Cable PC / Mister FPGA


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Ultimate Arcade VGA to Scart adapter cable with audio and self-power that allows automatic CRT TV power on and switching to AV / RGB channel without the need of a remote control. Compatible with PC / VGA666 - Raspberry Pi and Mister FPGA.

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Reviews by Revi

Description - Arcade Ultimate VGA to SCART 15.7Khz Cable PC / Mister FPGA

PLEASE NOTE: In order to use the Ultimate cable with the 1GB ArcadeVGA graphics card it is essential to use a DVI to VGA adapter that has 5V voltage on one of its pins. Most DVI to VGA adapters do not, so we recommend purchasing UGREEN's DVI to VGA adapter.

The Ultimate VGA to SCART, is the most advanced 15.7Khz signal adapter cable available. It's a like a supervitaminated VGA to SCART cable. Manufactured by Arcade Express, this cable has a number of advantages over the other ArcadeVGA to SCART cables we also sell in our shop, making it a top product.

This is not a simple VGA to SCART cable, but a cable with a built-in PIC (Programmable Integrated Circuit) microcontroller that dynamically configures the multiple combination circuits (CLC).

What is the purpose of this cable? To automatically detect the polarity of the VGA input synchronization signals and correctly generate the SCART composite synchronization signal. The Ultimate VGA to SCART is basically a cable with an integrated computer that will allow us to execute a series of tasks and extras that we will not find in other VGA to SCART cables. 

The Ultimate VGA to SCART works regardless of whether the pulses of the input sync signals are positive or negative. The PIC dynamically reconfigures the CLC to suit the polarity of the pulses.

The PIC (Programmable Integrated Circuit) Microcontroller monitors the input signal and sets the composite sync to ground if the frequency of the horizontal sync signal is incorrect or if the vertical sync signal does not change. This is useful for generating the Csync signal to an old arcade or TV monitor and protecting it. Furthermore, if any of the input sync signals are incorrect, the PIC disables the RGB SCART selection signal and the SCART status signal. This provides greater protection and compatibility with older monitors.

The Ultimate VGA to SCART cable does not require any external power supply or DC-DC converter to generate the 5V and 12V SCART status signals, as these are generated by the PIC itself. Most VGA devices will be able to provide sufficient voltage to the PIC as the cable takes the 5V and 12V from the VGA connector directly. However, this cable also supports an external power supply through a built-in Mini-USB B port.

The Ultimate VGA to SCART also supports selectable video picture ratio (16:9 or 4:3). In addition, thanks to the self-powered 5V and 12V, the TV will automatically turn on once the cable receives a signal, (the TV needs to be in Stand By mode) and switch to the AV / RGB channel without the need for a remote control.

Another feature of the Ultimate VGA to SCART cable is that it has built-in LED indicators that will inform us if the system is powered and if the input frequency is correct. That is, if the cable is receiving a correct 15.7 Khz signal, the green LED will light up. If the input signal is incorrect and is not 15.7Khz, the red LED will light up. This is a very useful diagnostic tool in case we are setting up our system for the first time or if it has stopped working.

In addition to the above components, the Ultimate Arcade VGA cable has a built-in mini-jack connector with a separate Stereo Audio input that you can connect to the audio source (sound card for example) so that the sound comes out through the SCART.

The Ultimate ArcadeVGA cable is manufactured by Arcadexpress so that all fans of 8 and 16-bit games, both on consoles and Arcade platforms, will be able to enjoy their games without having to give up the excellent quality provided by an RGB and Pixel Perfect monitor.

What are the 2 switches inside the red connector for?

  1. Changes the aspect ratio 4:3 / 16:9
  2. Power the cable through the MiniUSB port and not through the USB cable

PLEASE NOTE: Turning on the TV automatically is not a standard. It depends entirely on the TV manufacturer's brand. Not all televisions turn on when they receive the 5V signal from the SCART connector. This doesn't depend on our cable.

(Not compatible with multigame boards such as the Pandora's Box, Game Elf, etc. since they output 30Khz video image).


  • 100% Made in Spain by Arcadexpress
  • ArcadeVga to Scart cable (Euroconnector) for RGB Pixel Pefect broadcasting
  • Self-powered cable by the PIC Microcontroller itself
  • No external power supply or DC-DC converter is required to generate the 5V/12V
  • Automatic power on and channel change to AV / RGB for CRT TV
  • Input Minijack for audio via SCART
  • PC / VGA666 compatible - Raspberry Pi / Mister FPGA
  • 2 metre long cable
  • Automatically detects the polarity of VGA input sync signals
  • Dynamically configures the multiple combination circuits (CLC) of the PIC microcontroller
  • Optional selection of video aspect ratio
  • Optional Mini-USB B input for powering the cable
  • Signal indicator LEDs: Red without correct video signal / Green 15.7Khz correct signal

Technical Specifications

VGA Port / Mini-USB Port
Audio Minijack
PC / Raspberry Pi / Mister FPGA / VGA666
Cable length

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