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T molding 19mm 3/4" Chrome / Gold (2 meter strips)


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20mm T molding for 19mm wide wood with a chromed or gold-plated metal sheet layer on top of a polypropylene layer. (Each purchased unit is equivalent to 1 meter. The strips are 2 meters long maximum. Hence the lower price. If you buy 4 units / 4 meters you will 2 x 2 meter strips).

  • Chrome
  • Gold

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Description - T molding 19mm 3/4" Chrome / Gold (2 meter strips)

Decorate and protect the edges of your 19mm wide arcade cabinet/ bartop with this 19mm T-Molding of excellent quality and character! The type of molding we sell in Arcade Express will give a professional finish to your arcade or bartop machine and differentiate it from lower quality products. 

What is T-molding?

T-molding is nothing more than a T-shaped profile or PVC edgebanding. It comes in different sizes and colors but the most commonly used today is 19mm wide (3/4" ) and of soft/medium flexibility. 19mm wide T-molding is the size most commonly used in the 80's and 90's which was the golden age of arcade machines. It is precisely in the restoration of original arcade machines where 19mm T-molding is mostly used. Although it is important to note that more and more people are starting to use the 16mm wide T-molding as it is the preferred width used today in the manufacture of new Arcade Machines and Bartops.

According to our data, the most sold colors are black and red but as you can see we have a wide range of colours our customers can choose from. In regards to the different available widths,  after the 19mm one, the most sold ones are the 16mm and 10mm.

Use cases of T-molding

They are mainly installed on the edges of the wood used in the manufacturing of amusement machines such as arcade cabinets and bartops. However, there are other sectors that make use of moldings. T-moldings are a very versatile product that can be used in any area of furnitare decoration.

Features of our T-molding

Our T-molding is robust as well as flexible in spite of having a 1-layer metal sheet. This magnificent and elegant T-molding has a high quality metal foil that come in 2 different colours: Shiny Silver Chrome and Shiny Gold. The metal foil is glued to a layer of polypropylene, making of this molding a premium product of the highest quality. This is undoubtedly our best work in terms of design and quality of all our types of moldings and profiles we sell at Arcade Express.

At Arcade Express we have placed special emphasis on the design of the outer edge of the molding so that they grip and adjust to the wood almost without the need for glue or adhesives, although we do recommend using some kind of glue so the molding sticks perfectly and doesn't move at all.

All the molding that we sell in Arcade Express have been designed by us exclusively. Both the shape and the width of the molding as well as the wide range of colors we work with. We are in permanent and direct contact with our manufacturers and we always check that our moldings offer the best quality to our customers by offering a premium product.

Each purchased unit is equivalent to 1 meter. This product comes in strips of 2 meters maximum. If you order 4 meters for example, it will come in 2 x 2 meter strips.

Advantages and disadvantages of T-molding vs. U-molding

  • A great advantage of using T-molding is that if the bends and corners of our arcade cabinet are very pronounced, the edges of T-molding won't bend, as there are no edges. On the contrary, if we use U-molding in really tight corners a small fold or crease will appear. So, for pronounced corners it is advisable to use T-shaped moldings and not U ones.
  • Another advantage T-molding has over U-moding is that once installed it gets fixed to the cabinet easier and more consistently than U-shaped moldings. This is because the T-molding is attached to the interior of the cabinet once the edges have been routed. There is almost no need of using glue if done properly, although we always recommend the use of it for a better fixed anchorage of the molding.
  • A small disadvantage T-molding has over U-molding is that we will have to route the edges of the wood cabinet previously to be able to install the T-molding. This is a job that not everyone is willing to do as you will need to have some tools in order to do it.

How to install the T-molding

  1. Buy cobblers glue. This type of glue is the best for gluing T-molding to the wood.
  2. Apply the glue on the wood and inside the route. With a small brush or paper, apply a small amount of glue, without overdoing it. Do not smear everything because if we put too much glue the molding will not stick well to the surface.
  3. Wait 5 minutes until it dries a little and place the T-molding little by little. It is important to wait 5 minutes for the glue to dry a little so that the T-molding sticks well. If we do not wait it will not stick properly.

ATTENTION: The depth of the slit, route of the board needs to be of 6.5mm approximately whereas the width needs to be between 2mm and 2.5mm at the most.

Decorate the profiles of your 19mm wide gaming machine / bartop with this 20mm T-molding of excellent quality and flexibility manufactured in Spain with Arcade Express own design. This gorgeous and stylish T-molding has a high-quality metal sheet in 2 different colours: Bright silver chrome and shiny gold. The metal sheet is glued to a layer of polypropylene. 

Our T-molding is very robust and flexible despite having a metal sheet. It is undoubtedly the finishing touch that will give your arcade machine the elegance it deserves. 

Each unit purchased is equivalent to 1 metre. If you buy 5 units you will get a 5 meter long undivided strip. The T-Molding is covered by a protective layer so that it will arrive to the customer in perfect conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: The depth of the slit, race board must be approximately 7.5mm while the width between 1mm and 1.5mm at most. Otherwise the T-molding will crush and will stick out at the edges.



  • 20mm T-molding profile for 19mm wide panels
  • Molding with 1 layer metal sheet and polypropylene
  • High quality manufactured in Spain
  • Medium flexibility
  • 20mm width at the outer profile  (since it has a half moon shaped, when installed it stays at 19mm)

Technical Specifications

Cromado Plata Brillante / Dorado Brillante
PVC / Lámina Metal

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