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Retroshooter Optical Arcade Light Gun Kit USB PC / Pandora Box with recoil


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Retroshooter Optical Arcade Light Gun with recoil and USB compatible with PC / Rasberry Pi and Pandora Box 10th Anniversary (Home and Jamma versions). 

Retroshooter Kit
  • Without Pandora 10th Multigame
  • Pandora 10th Jamma
  • Pandora 10th Home
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Reviews by Revi

Description - Retroshooter Optical Arcade Light Gun Kit USB PC / Pandora Box with recoil

Enhance your arcade gaming journey with the Retro Shooter Pandora Box Game Lightguns, exclusively offered at Arcade Express. Created by the brand Retro Shooter Pandora Box, these tailor-made light guns are meticulously crafted to seamlessly synchronize with your console, delivering an exceptional degree of precision and immersion.

The guns

These exceptional light guns with recoil have been intricately designed and subjected to thorough testing, numerous upgrades, and innovative mold designs. Achieving perfect accuracy and lightning-fast responses, these Lightguns boast a prolonged recoil lifespan, coupled with an optimal weight and ergonomic design for an immersive gaming experience.

Infrared sensors

These 4 x custom-designed infrared sensors provide a hassle-free setup. Mount them on the top two and bottom two corners of your TV for endless hours of zombie-blasting fun. Their low-profile design seamlessly integrates with your TV, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.


Retroshooter guns are compatible with current modern monitors (HD / VGA) and also with CRT monitors.

Please note: The Pandora 10th Anniversary is not configured to be able to play Lightgun games with monitors in CGA resolution at 15Khz. For this we must use a PC or a Raspberry Pi and configure ourselves the emulators we decide to use.

Action buttons

The Retroshooter Optical Arcade Light Gun includes 3 x action buttons integrated in the gun itself, a pad for controlling up, down, left and right in the game menu console and the trigger. The Pedal function can be done via the action button on the left part of the gun.

Extension Hub for PC 

Seamlessly integrate the Extension Hub with your PC / Raspberry Pi for a flawless, lag-free connection during those intense retro gaming sessions. Empower your Retro Shooter light guns and effortlessly connect your pedals to your PC, enhancing your arcade gaming setup. 

Other features

Immerse yourself in a nostalgic journey with amazing games present in the Pandora Box 10th anniversary such as: Lethal Enforcers, Operation Wolf, Time crisis, Virtua Cop 2, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Duck Hunt, Mad Dog McCree and many more! Enjoy the most accurate gun gaming experience 4 x point IR emitters, ensuring precise tracking and responsiveness during gameplay.

The Pandora Box 10th anniversary also has Wifi/Ethernet connectivity, allowing for seamless software updates to keep your gaming experience cutting-edge. Take control of your game progress with the ability to save your game state at any point, providing flexibility and convenience in your gaming sessions. For more details on the Pandora 10th Anniversary check the following link: Pandora 10th Anniversary.

The amazing Retroshooter guns also come with 2 x Extra IR Lenses that can be attached to the guns in order for the guns to work more accurately at a short distance or on a larger screen, especially over 55 inches, this is a must-have. It significantly enhances your gaming experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable!

Say goodbye to screen tearing with a buttery-smooth 60 frames per second gameplay, ensuring a visually stunning and lag-free experience. Tailor your gaming experience by editing your games menu and creating a personalized favorite list, allowing you to quickly access your most cherished titles. Don't see your favorite retro game on the list? No worries! Simply add it to the SD card (non-gun games) and broaden your gaming horizon.

Experience gaming precision like never before with zero controller lag, ensuring you never miss a move, jump, or shot during intense gameplay. Immerse yourself in high-quality visuals with HD output, enabling you to play your favorite games on the big screen. 

Transform your gaming setup and relive the golden era of arcade gaming with the Retro Shooter Pandora Box Game Lightguns. Enhance your gameplay, master every shot, and enjoy a truly authentic arcade experience. Order now and level up your arcade adventures with Arcade Express!

Please note: The Pandora 10th Anniversary is not configured to be able to play Lightgun games with monitors in CGA resolution at 15Khz. For this we must use a PC or a Raspberry Pi and configure ourselves the emulators we decide to use.

What's included in the package

  • 2 x Lightguns 
  • 4 x Point IR Emitters
  • 2 x Pedals
  • 2 x Extra IR Lenses
  • PC Extension Hub
  • 12DCV Power Supply
  • All necessary cables for connecting the system
  • (Optional) Pandora Box 10th Anniversary Jamma /Home version. 


  • High precision lightguns
  • Recoil motor inside the gun powered by external power supply
  • Compatible with PC / Raspberry Pi / Pandora Box 10th Anniversary Jamma & Home version
  • Extension hub to connect to a PC / Raspberry Pi
  • Wifi/Ethernet
  • 4 Point IR Emitters
  • 3 action buttons + triger + pad
  • Possibility to save games
  • Smooth gameplay at 60 fps
  • Customizable menu
  • Expandable game library
  • Zero LAG
  • HD / VGA output (Pandora Box)
  • User's Manual

Technical Specifications

12VC 5A
Blue / Red
PC / Raspberry Pi / Pandora Box 10th Anniversary

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