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Seimitsu PS-14-G Japanese Arcade Button 30mm


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Excellent Japanese Seimitsu brand Arcade Push Button model PS-14-G with 2.8mm wide terminals and 30mm diameter.

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Black / Blue
  • Black / Red
  • Black / Pink
  • Black / Yellow
  • Black / Green
  • Black / White

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Description - Seimitsu PS-14-G Japanese Arcade Button 30mm

The Seimitsu PS-14-G button has 30mm of diameter. This pushbutton has been designed to fit mainly in metal or very thin panels. It is a button that has a flat "pressing" area, unlike the Sanwa OBSF-30 button which is less flat and has a convex "pressing"area. The PS-14 G button uses Seimitsu PS-14-G silent microswitches so you won't be able to hear any "clicky" sounds at all.

Unlike the Sanwa OBSF-30 button, the PS-14-G is not as sensitive and it offers a bit more resistance when pressed. These buttons are a favourite of the Shoot 'em up genre, also known as Shmups.

The Seimitsu PS-14-G buttons are compatible with most Fight Sticks like QanBa, Hori, Mad Catz and Mayflash, which you can be modded to fit these buttons. 

This button is ideal for mounting on metal or thin plexiglass panels with a thickness of up to 3.7 mm maximum and with a mounting hole of 24mm in diameter. The button has a plastic clip on each side that locks the button when mounted on the control panel. We also sell the 24mm version of this button called the PS-14-D. The Seimitsu PS-14-D is normally used as an action button.

Mounting Information

To install the Seimitsu PS-14-G pushbutton, 2.8mm wiring is required as that is the width of the pushbutton terminals. If purchasing one of the encoders we sell at Arcade Express, be sure to select the variant with 2.8mm width terminals. You can also purchase extra 2.8mm wiring for the Zero Delay or for the Xin Mo at the links below: Zero Delay / Xin Mo.


  • Product made in Japan
  • High quality design and manufacturing
  • Built-in 2.8mm microswitches
  • Smooth touch and quiet
  • Large selection of colors
  • Ideal for metal / acrylic panels
  • 30mm diameter

Technical Specifications

Negro / Rojo / Blanco / Gris / Azul / Verde / Amarillo / Rosa
Panel type
Metal or wood
Button type

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